Hippie Hairstyles

Hippie human hair wigs melbourne hairstyles are back in, under a slightly different name. What was called hippie in the 1970s is now also called bohemian or boho. You’ll find it’s simple and comfortable to wear your hair in a hippie hairstyle. Here are some ways to give your hair that natural, flowing look that’s characteristic of the hippie era.

Start with Natural
Long hair should be worn flowing. Achieve a natural, wavy look by allowing hair to air dry after washing, and finger-combing through some mousse or shine cream. You can accentuate waves and curls by flipping damp hair upside down and finger-combing in that position, then gently scrunching your hair before flipping your head upright again. Wearing long bangs with hair parted in the middle is a common way to achieve the natural look of hippie hair.

Another way to accentuate a hippie celebrity wigs hairstyle is to add a headband across your forehead. Choose a thin ribbon and tie it in the back. You can also achieve this by braiding about ½ an inch of hair along each side and pulling each braid back to meet in the middle of the back of the head, fastening it in place.

Hippie Looks for Guys
On a guy, hair can be longer, with an unkempt look that is finger-styled into place. Hair that is wavy, about collar length, is appropriate for a hippie look on a guy. Hair can be parted in the middle or on one side.

Headbands were popular hair accessories for the hippie men of the 1970s. Headbands should be placed right at the edge of the hairline and tied in the back. Bandannas that cover the top of the head, allowing long hair to flow out of the bottom, are another good hippie look.

Most hippie men had some kind of facial hair. Goatees, full beards, handlebar moustaches and long sideburns are all good choices. Facial hair should be allowed to grow naturally, rather than trimmed to a uniform height.


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