Are Human Hair Wigs Better

Human hair wigs are the most realistic looking wigs you can wear. Obviously, if you’re trying to create the look of human hair, the best material to use is the real deal.

While human hair wigs are definitely the most natural  looking wigs, this doesn’t always mean they’re automatically the best choice. Owning a human hair wig requires a hefty amount of cash and lots of maintenance work. You must balance out your needs and capabilities before deciding if a human hair wig is the best choice.

Human hair is not cheap to come by. It also takes a great deal of time and effort to turn human hair into a wig. If you happen to want what is considered “ethnic” hair, such as curly or kinky strands, the price will rise even higher.

All wigs require special shampoos and brushes, but human hair wigs require more time and care than synthetic wigs do. Regardless of the material the wig is created from, you must brush out tangles, hand-wash, air-dry and re-style the hair.

One of the big benefits about human hair wigs is the quality of the hair color. Synthetic wigs have a bad habit of appearing monotone, with strands comprised of one solid color. Real hair contains many dimensions of a hue within each strand, as well as changes in color from strand to strand.

Human hair wigs are also more realistic in movement and styling possibilities. However, a poorly made wig is a poorly made wig, regardless of whether it’s human hair or synthetic. Your wig needs to have the strands of hair distributed evenly across a realistic or invisible base.

People who suffer from allergies or assorted skin problems usually find human hair wigs to be the safest and most comfortable choice. Synthetic wigs can be itchy and irritate all sorts of conditions. Even just a dry scalp will respond better to human hair than to synthetic.


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